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How we work.

At REF we work for a sustainable future made by concious choices. We enhance creativity; for hairdressers, stylists and people everywhere. We empower Natural Beauty, individuality and uniqueness through high quality products for any hair type. We innovate contemporary products within Care, Style and Colour, made with nature and science in perfect symmetry.

Our Scandi heritage combined with our passion for style lets us create amazing, sustainable products for all hair types that simply work.

What’s your reference?


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Haircare for professionals.

REF is a professional hair brand. This means we create prestigious quality products that professionals want to work with. REF is distributed to professional salons in 30 countries worldwide and we work to develop, educate and inspire these professionals. 

REF simply offers tools to boost creativity and simplify the work for hairdressers and stylists, for a natural result with an amazing finish.

Want Hold, Shine or Volume?

We have the solution – a unique number system.

Our unique N° System is used on all of our styling products. It easily defines and highlights the level of Hold, Shine and Volume the product adds to your hair style.

This system enables both hairdressers and customers to find their specific reference.

How much Hold?
How much Shine?
How much Volume?