Education is an important part of REF – for close relationships, constant development and growth as a company, a network and market. This ensures that our products and content is taught at the highest professional standard.

Across the world we have national educators, handpicked for their ability to inspire and motivate. Through education we incorporate product knowledge directions, which improves both creativity, service and sales. We push the creative expression and raise the professional standards. 

Levels of Education.

REF offers a broad variety of “classes”, from basic knowledge to advanced techniques. These sessions are available to, and suitable for, both new and established hairdressers in all our markets. 


  • Colour Theory

  • REF Products, information and usage

  • Key ingredients and abilities

  • Consultation techniques

  • Client experience and service

  • REF story, values and development


Types of Education.

Information and inspiration by REF is taught in three different ways, for a suitable approach to each session. 

“Look & Learn” 

Detailed demonstrations through seminars.

“Hands On” 

Allows the audience to try the products and techniques in an involved workshop environment.

“Show & Events”

Specific sessions made to inspire, inform and teach by demonstrating our passion and knowledge for hair.