What is it?

REF decolourizing bleaching powder is high performance, dust-free bleach with a blue pigment for anti-yellowing effect suitable for all professional lightening techniques.

  • 100% Vegan
  • Strengthening Quinoa Protein
  • Conditioning Organic Aloe Vera
  • Colour Preserve System
  • Consistent mixture and consistent weight
  • Easy mixing
  • Up to 7 levels of lift
  • Dust free formula
  • Anti-yellow molecules = clear blonde results
  • Guarantees fast bleaching services
  • Available in refill

How to use:

Use decolourizer for full head application (see below scalp application) or any highlighting techniques. 
Mixing ratio: 1:2 (1 part bleaching powder to 2 parts developer using 20, 30 or 40 vol.)

Decolourizer may also be mixed to your favorite consistency for desired result.

For consistent processing, REF recommends measuring the bleach as well as the developer on scale for future use and note processing time.

Choose the volume of developer according to the level of lift you wish to achieve.

Development time is between 20-50 minutes, depending on the hair colour, level of lift desired, hair condition, integrity, technique, strength of developer and the quantity of the developer used.

Ensure to continuously check the progress of the lifting at regular intervals (suggest 5 min.)

When the target of lift is achieved, rinse off thoroughly with warm water and gently shampoo hair, rinse, use REF conditioner, rinse. Towel dry.

Do not apply to the scalp if there are any cuts, abrasions, signs of irritation or any concerns with the scalp.

For full head application, begin the application where the hair is darkest and apply at the hairline and nape area last. Application should begin 3 cm off scalp and proceed to midshaft and ends. Once processed, scalp application should be applied checking every 5 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and gently shampoo the hair.


Bleach + ProPlex.

Adding Proplex 01. Bonder to powder bleach lightener in foil highlights:

Pay special attention to the scoop size of bleach lightener you are using. Scoop sizes vary per manufacturer.

The amount of ProPlex 01. Bonder used depends on the amount of bleach lightener being used, not the amount of both developer and bleach lightener combined.

Step 1. Mix Bleach lightener and developer together. ProPlex may increase processing time. To avoid this, increase your level of developer.

Use 20vol. (6%) when trying to achieve 10vol. (3%) results.
Use 30vol. (9%) when trying to achieve 20vol. (6%) results.
Use 40vol. (12%) when trying to achieve 30 vol. (9%) results.

For anything less than 30g of bleach lightener, add 3.75ml of Proplex 01. Bonder.

For 30g–60g of bleach lightener, add 7.5ml of Proplex 01. Bonder.

Step 2. Add Proplex 01. Bonder to your pre-mixed bleach lightener and mix thoroughly.

You may add more Bleach lightener or Developer if necessary to achieve desired consistency.
       We recommend re-mixing in a new bowl of Bleach lightener and ProPlex 01. Bonder if more than 60g of bleach lightener is needed.

Please use the same precautions as you always have when working with any lighteners.

Every head of hair is different.

Time varies when processing time of bleach lightener. Any issues with processing time or lift can be solved by bumping (raising) developer and/or using less ProPlex 01. Bonder. Some Bleach lighteners provide 9+ levels of lift and others only 4, everything may be adjusted based on personal preference


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