What is it?

A contemporary perm processing solution that can be modified to accommodate all aspects of hair.

  • 100% Vegan
  • Strengthening Quinoa Protein
  • Conditioning Organic Aloe Vera
  • Colour Preserve System
  • Easy mixing
  • Alkaline perm ammonium thioglycolate based
  • Free from Ammonia

Create beautiful, long-lasting curls that last for 3–4 months.

How to use:

Recommendation: A pre-treatment of REF Proplex may be required prior to use.

REF perm processing solution may be used on all aspects of hair and condition, such as:

  •  Thick and resistant
  •  Normal
  •  Fine and thin
  •  20 to 40 volume previously coloured hair
  • Colored with highlights
  • Highlighted hair
  • Bleached hair


Curly Perm Solution with Fluid Regulator (Modulator)

Follow instructions. Result depends on hair integrity, type and size of wave rod.

Perm Maintance:

REF recommends shampooing no more than 2x per week using REF shampoo and conditioner of choice.

If  desired, you may recommend REF Maintainer as a take home product.

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